To lock in your puppy pick, a $1,000.00 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT will be required. This is to assure that you are certain about your pick. There will be no exceptions. If your puppy pick is not available once puppies have arrived, (for example the dam gives birth to only 3 males and you reserved the 4th pick male), you will then have a few options. You may move your deposit to another pick of the same breeding, or another breeding of your choice. You may use your deposit for future stud services for an approved female, or receive a full refund on your deposit. Other than one of our females not taking, this is one of the only ways to receive a refund on a deposit.

Ready to join our family and own one of the best dogs in the world? View our breeding page to see pricing and availability on our pick spots. Listed below are options for payments. An invoice will be sent with every payment.


Option 1: A money order, or cashier’s check mailed to our business address.

Option 2: If you are near a, “Bank of America,” branch a direct cash deposit can be made into our, “Bank Of America,” business account. This option is the easiest, it’s instantaneous, and it is free of charge.

Option 3: For international customers: By using your bank, a personal teller will be able to do a transfer, from your account to our business account. There may be a small fee.

*Cash App, may be used for deposits only. We will not accept total payoffs through Cash App.* We no longer accept PayPal.

Due to the additional 2 month boarding time, we are no longer offering puppies to clients internationally that are below the price of $8,000.

If you do not clearly understand the payment options please feel free to contact us. 

Phone: 302-382-9879 or by email:

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