American Bully Breedings

Updated: 11/1/23

If you think a breeding is going to produce what you’re looking for, it’s a good idea to try to reserve a good pick. That way you can have the privilege of getting the exact puppy you want from that litter. For example, if you reserve a 3rd pick male, you would need to wait until whoever has 1st and 2nd pick to pick before you. Picks are separated between males and females. Remember, not everyone is looking for the same features in their puppy. For instance, what you may believe is a 4th pick may be a 1st pick to someone else. 

*Puppy picks are made at 8 weeks of age*

If you reserve a 3rd pick male and only two males are born, you will have a few options. You may…

  • move your deposit to another pick of the same breeding if there is one available
  • move your deposit to another breeding.
  • use your deposit for future stud services for an approved female.
  • receive a full refund on your deposit (this is the only time we issue refunds!)

SCB’S DELANO Meets Decipher’s Synphony

big american bully
American bullies for sale breedings

SCB’s Delano

From the bone, to the dome, to the wide chest, and that H frame, Delano is an excellent example of the XL American Bully. Behind all his very strong bully looks, Delano is a very gentle dog! We are beyond blessed to own this guy and we are looking forward to his bright future. Now we get to see what he can do when we take him to a female like KARMELA!

Decipher’s Synphony

Since birth this girl has been mistaken for a male. That’s no surprise, I mean she does have a pedigree full of bulls behind her. Everything about her is what you would want in an American Bully. Synphony has that perfect head shape and has a nice thick rear to match her wide front. She’s a very thick girl all around. She’s a model but at the same time she’s BULLY AF!

This matchup is another step towards what we are working for. Creating some real bulls with that model look. If you’re looking for a well structured bully with bone, this breeding is the one for you! There will be a $1,000 deposit to reserve your spot.


Breeding Taking place: Decmeber 2023

Pups COMING: February 2024

Ready to go home: April 2024

1st Male: Decipher

2nd Male: $8,000

3rd Male: $7,000

4th Male: $5,000

1st Female: Decipher

2nd Female: $8,000

3rd Female: $7,000

4th Female: $5,000

Cream Collar – Delano X Karmela (F)

American bullies for sale breedings
American bullies for sale breedings


Decipher’s Willow – Goya X Yori (f)

American bullies for sale breedings


Decipher’s sammy sosa – Bossy’s Jumanji X Yori (m)

merle bullies